About The L.A.B.

Coach Moe's Vision

We believe that the foundation is the basis or groundwork in anything and everything we do.  With this core belief, Our organization is dedicated to providing our youth with the fundamentals of basketball and life skills. We strategically developed a training program that improves endurance, strength, focus and self-esteem, while fostering an environment that promotes health, work ethic, and confidence through the love of basketball. Skill and technique are built through repetition. We provide a positive and productive environment that is driven by the success of each of our athletes.

Group And Private Sessions Available

Private sessions are available for intermediate and advanced players. Players are assessed through a series of technical drills and trained according to skill level. We train in all areas of the game including; mental approach, shooting, ball handling, agility, defensive strategies, offensive strategies and others. Sessions are individualized to enhance the strengths of the athlete, while building on skills that need improvement.

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