Coach Moe

Maurice 'Moe' Carter

After a ten-year, professional basketball career, Maurice Carter (Coach Moe) has dedicated himself to teaching and developing young athletes. Maurice has played with polarizing figures like Kobe Bryant and  Shaquille O’Neal, as well as Luis Scola and Manu Ginóbili in Europe.  This has given him unique insight and knowledge into what it takes to succeed in this amazing, yet extremely competitive team sport. While teaching young athletes the fundamentals of basketball, he believes it is essential that every child receives positive reinforcement on and off the court.

Blending his passion for basketball and his belief that every child can flourish in a supportive environment, The L.A.B. was created.

This program combines a blend of physical conditioning and technical skills that are suited for the novice, intermediate and advanced players. It was specifically designed to target all components needed to create a well-rounded athlete while emphasizing execution of drills, communication in the language of basketball, team participation, and self-belief. The L.A.B. offers student-athletes the opportunity to acquire skills that will serve them on and off the court.

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